Apartment Complex

Written and directed by Carol Ann Tan
May 22-23, 2015
The University of Chicago


When a Singaporean government scholar decides to graduate early, four Asian roommates must confront their national, cultural, and personal differences in deciding whether or not to continue living together.

Apartment Complex was my undergraduate senior thesis project at the University of Chicago.

2015: Special Honors, Department of English at the University of Chicago

Zheng Yuan: Bill Cai
Yuki: Holly Sze
Rachel: Isabelle Lim
Jeff: Jonathan Lim

Production Team
Scenic design: Ruth Ng
Lighting design: Sammi Wreschner
Sound design: Maya Festinger
Costumes/makeup design: Yohyoh Wang
Props design: Jonathan Lee
Production management: Ong Zhi Xuan
Stage management: Lilian Huang